How to Revive The Lifepo4 Battery (1)

How to Revive The Lifepo4 Battery

The latest trend in the world of batteries is to use lifepo4 as a battery type. This is a solid-state battery and has been used to power electric cars for many years. It is also used in emergency lighting and other applications where high voltage and long life need to be delivered. The most notable feature of lifepo4 batteries is their ability to be charged up to 600 times and still retain a useful life. But what can happen if they are not cared for correctly. In this blog, we consider how to revive the lifepo4 battery.

How to Revive The Lifepo4 Battery

In every field, there is no such thing as a permanent best. No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, new technologies are always emerging with improvements that are bound to be better than what you’re currently using. The same goes with batteries. But just because the new batteries are better doesn’t mean that the old ones should be thrown away. We need to find ways of making them last longer and, more importantly, revive them when they become unusable.

When your Lifepo4 battery is not lasting long, it doesn’t mean that it should be thrown away. Most of them can be revived using a simple solution. It is not a new process, it has been around for years now. In fact, many Lifepo4 batteries are still in use after decades. The process is simple and straightforward, so don’t be afraid of giving it a go. Before reviving a Lifepo4 battery, make sure it is sufficiently charged. You can check the Charge with a battery charger or a multimeter. After you are sure that it is charged, follow the steps below to revive a Lifepo4 battery:

First, using a screwdriver, remove the battery from the device. If the battery cells are separated from the terminals, then you will have to charge it externally. Second, put the battery into a cool and dry place for about 3 hours. Then you can put the battery into the device again. The battery should be charged again for about 8 hours.

Step by step guide for battery revival

LifePO4 batteries are quite popular nowadays and are used in various products. Once you install those batteries, it is important to keep proper care and follow some necessary tips to make them last longer. For example, if you just bought a car with those batteries, then you should read the user manual and ask the dealer about it. That will be the best step for you to take your car to the shop for maintenance. Here are some other tips for LifePO4 battery revival:

  1. Check the voltage, temperature, and so on. 
  2. Recharge the batteries and check the current level.
  3. Change some of the electrolytes to their original state with tablets.
  4. Clean the dirt and other particles with the help of a brush.
  5. Keep the batteries in a cool and ventilated place.
  6. Check that the battery cells are free from short-circuit.
  7. Try to avoid charging them fully to extend the life of the batteries.
  8. Switch off the lights and other devices. Although they are small, they can be dangerous.

Following these above tips will help you keep your battery working at its best and longer.

How does Lifepo4 battery revive?

Over-discharge and overcharge will cause battery failure. But Lifepo4 batteries have lower internal resistance and have less internal resistance at high temperatures. Therefore, it is easier to be charged and discharged by electric vehicles with high power and high speed. It is not recommended to charge at a fast speed, since it will increase the internal resistance of the battery. The internal resistance of nickel-based batteries will rise as the batteries are charged and discharged.

The more nickel-based batteries are charged and discharged, the higher the internal resistance will rise. In order to prevent nickel-based batteries from excessive damage, it is recommended to charge the battery at a slow speed. these are the cause that needs to revive the lifepo4 battery.

For a lead-acid battery, when it is not in use for a period of time, its chemical reaction slows down and eventually stops. This means the battery cannot be rejuvenated. However, lead-acid batteries have a different structure. When batteries are not in use for a period of time, the electrolyte inside them will slowly dissolve into the lead plates. When the battery is used again, the electrolyte will dissolve back into the positive and negative plates. In other words, chemical reactions happen in both directions. When the battery is not used, the electrolyte is slowly dissolved into the plates. When used again, the electrolyte goes back into the plates. This makes a lead-acid battery reusable.

How to prolong Lifepo4 battery life?

The life of a LiFePO battery depends on how it is maintained. Take the following steps to increase its life: * Use a digital hydrometer to keep track of the battery’s state of charge. * Use a battery desulfator to protect the battery from sulfation.  Sulfation is rusting of the battery that occurs at low levels of state-of-charge, resulting from incomplete charging.

It can lead to battery failure if not treated.  It builds upon the battery plates and dissipates its energy more slowly, making the battery last longer. * Use a battery maintainer to keep the battery charged.  The charger will not overcharge the battery, and it prevents the battery from going too low, which can damage the battery.  This is the best way to keep the battery healthy the longest. * Use a trickle charger to keep the battery charged while not in use.


Replacing the battery on a lifepo4 battery is a good idea. You can replace it with a new battery, or even a bigger battery. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post on How to Revive The Lifepo4 Battery. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us at ___.

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