Weize 12V 75 Ah Deep Cycle Battery Reviews

Weize 12V 75 Ah Deep Cycle Battery Reviews

Looking for the best quality battery to power your electric vehicles? Or just looking for a battery cell that helps you run all your gadgets on the campsite by supplying continuous power?

Whichever the reason may be, all you need is to sit back, relax, and check out the Weize 12V 75 Ah Deep Cycle Battery

To concentrate on safe riding, one must need a spill-proof AGM battery like Weize 12Volt 75 Ah. Unlike flood technology batteries, Weize 12Volt 75 Ah Deep Cycle battery can charge up to 5 times faster. And, it can give you higher eccentrics without any additional resistance, which ensures the optimal performance rate throughout the Battery Life Cycle.

Main Features

  • It has a voltage capacity of 12 Volt
  • Deep Cycle, rechargeable sealed Lead-Acid Battery
  • Lead-platted silver terminal to provide good conductivity at lower power loss
  • Comes in a compact size, which can easily be transported 

Why it is a top-pick?

The AGM technology guarantees that consumers can use the battery without worrying about liquid spilling, overheating, or short-circuiting. The battery with AGM technology comes with less scope of accidents. And, not to mention, there is no hard work needed to maintain the cell. 

Moreover, in extreme weather conditions, the battery can manage to perform at the same level. The battery’s charge does not discharge efficiently like any other cell. 

Above all, the self-discharge rate of the battery is low.  Therefore, there is no need to charge the battery, often to ensure that the cell does not get damaged when not used. 

Weize 12V 75 AH Deep Cycle Battery

About the Product

  • TL 1275/FP12750 Battery 12Volt 75AH sealed Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery comes with a Maintenance-free warranty. TL1275 and FP 12750 comprise similar quality but come with different production Batch.
  • Product Dimension: 10.2* 6.65*8.94 inches. Weize TL1275 12Volt 75AH lead-acid battery comes with high-performance efficacy, long service life, and a Deep Discharge recovery mechanism
  • Weize 75AH 12Volt battery is fit for Wayne ESP25 Back-up Pump, Golf Cart Electric DC, Pride Mobility Jazzy 1420, Solar Energy Storage, Electric Scooter, Wheelchair, Permobil M300 wheelchair 
  • Weize 12Volt 75AH battery is also best suited for powering the UPS system, solar panel, Van House, RVs, Industrial machinery, Garden Tools, off-grid applications, etc.


 No liquid Spillage 

 Limited Maintenance requirements

 Low self-Discharge 

 Wide Applications

 Offers higher rate of cranking ampere 


Not appropriate for Deep Cycle use

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Is this a 24 groups battery?

Yes, it is a 24 groups battery.

If I want to power the fish finders, Grami 1222 helix 10 gen4. Any input and length of time?

You can run the equipment for 15 hours at a stretch, based on the maximum power drawn from the Garmin is 2.9 amps. If one uses the Hummingbird Helix 10 gen4, the current capacity will be 1.9 amps. Divide that by the maximum capability of the battery of 75AH, which gives 15.626 hours, and there should be no headroom.

How do I charge this unit and hook it up with a sump pump?

By using a regular trickle charger, one can charge the battery. You can set the sump pump by connecting the wire with the correct polarity.

What is the best charger for this battery?

MPPT Charge controller can be used 

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